Is green coffee a scam

May 16th, 2013

dr-oz-green-coffeeGreen coffee bean pills are currently the top sales in the natural slimming pills category, head to head with garcinia cambogia. But these dietary supplements have not met the unanimity of both the nutrition profession and the people trying to reduce their weight. So what is the truth about green coffee? Is it a scam or a viable solution to losing weight?

The green coffee bean extract weight loss concept really took off in 2012 when Dr. Oz featured this product on his tv show. As millions of people watch this show and believe every word coming out of Dr. Oz’s mouth, when he touted this supplement as a miracle fat-burner, demand immediately started to surge. And the next day the shelves at vitamin shops were empty.

One year later demand for green coffee supplements has not diminished. One reason for such enthusiasm is that based on past studies people were able to lose weight by just taking the pills, without changing their diet or exercising differently. The only auxiliary element is that it is recommended to maintain a food diary while taking the pills. This will enable you to be more aware of what food you eat, hopefully leading you to better nutritional decisions.

With the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in America and elsewhere, overweight people count by the hundreds of million. The problem is that in our modern world where advertisement continually bombard us with commercials showing beautiful slim and fit models or movie stars, being fat is not an attribute of perceived beauty, on the contrary. This is a paradox of our society that advertisement by food or drink companies tend to make us overweight with all the extra calories this leads to, while the image seen on most ads is that of thin people.

The result is that people are overweight but they like what they eat and do not want to change that. They do not want to go through the torture of dieting with all the restrictions this implies, as they cherish their pizza, hamburgers and doughnuts and could not live without them. And they do not want to go to the gym either as this involves making rigorous efforts on a consistent basis in order to achieve a suitable level of fitness where most body extra fat has disappeared.

Because of the above what all these people dream of is a miracle fat-burner pill that will make them lose weight without changing their diet or exercising more, in other words without efforts. And this is exactly what green coffee is promising. This is what some recent studies and experiments show.

The problem is that these studies are not exhaustive enough to yet prove that this is the case. There is a good chance that green coffee and in particular some of its best antioxidants like chlorogenic acid have a positive effect on weight loss. But in order to be sure more in-depth studies are needed.

Wrinkle creams

December 7th, 2014

beautiful-eyesIn today’s day and age you cannot miss all the antiaging skin care claims which are plastered all over newspapers, magazines, and even online. So how do you find the best wrinkle cream out of so much choice. The best way to find the best wrinkle cream for your face is the one which complements your specific skin type and individual skin concerns.

Reasons for having wrinkles

Before getting out to buy your cream it is important to understand how does one gets wrinkles. This will help to target them more efficiently. Although aging is the most common cause for wrinkles there are other reasons why wrinkles are formed. Wrinkles are formed by laughing, frowning and via various other facial expressions. When your skin stretches and loosens regularly it causes the skin to fold and turn into wrinkles over time.

How do wrinkle creams work

Getting to know the ingredients of a wrinkle cream is important. The most basic ingredients that you should avoid in a cream are the creams that claim to increase your ‘Elastin’. The reason you should get away from these ingredients are because the human body stops producing elastin before puberty. So no matter what a cream claims, artificial boosting of elastin is only going to harm you. The best ingredients in a cream are the ones that helps you fight dryness as they are major cause of wrinkles.

The best wrinkle creams are the ones containing Vitamin C as they help in increasing collagen – the main structural protein of the various connective tissues of your skin. Vitamin C helps increase collagen in your body which is important for a healthy and supple skin. Collagen is the support structure that gives our skin a firm, young appearance. When the levels remain plentiful, your skin looks young and fresh. When the levels decline, you may lose that support and wrinkles will begin to form.

How to choose the best wrinkle cream

A good wrinkle cream has a higher percentage of anti-aging ingredients such as peptides which are instrumental in increasing cells in the skin to produce more collagen. Peptides are chains of amino-acids which replace lost collagen by sending chemical signals to the body that increases the protein production. A cheap wrinkle cream will either have a low percentage of these ingredients or they will be not present at all.

As you understand by now, all wrinkle creams are not the same. There are various type of wrinkles such as crow’s feet, smile and frown lines, or forehead wrinkles and not all wrinkle cream are formulated to fight all type of skin wrinkles. For example, some wrinkles form due to loss of collagen and the effects of gravity, while others may appear due to repetitive facial expressions and muscle movements.

In order to find the best anti-wrinkle cream, you must first understand what type of wrinkles you are trying to treat, so that you know what ingredients will be the most effective for you.

The Master Cleanse

January 12th, 2014

lemon-treeThe Master Cleanse Diet is a method used to help detoxify your system. This diet takes around six to ten days. The diet is also known as the Maple Syrup Diet and the Lemon Detox diet. In the year 1941, Stanley Burroughs was the one that introduced everyone to this incredible diet.

When on the Master Cleanse Diet, people drink a mixture of either lemon juice, Grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper. People need to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses per day plus they also need to have plenty of water while on the Master Cleanse Diet.

The Master Cleanse is essentially a modified juice fast with an absence of food. One thing about this diet is that the metabolism might slow down and to prevent this from happening, there are things that you must do in order to make sure that your metabolism is kept up to speed so that you can have the energy that you need daily.

Without having a good metabolism it might be hard to exercise and do other things but we are going to show you how you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

The very first thing to know is that when you’re on this diet you’ll need to exercise every day. When you exercise every day your metabolism starts to speed up and your energy levels starts to increase daily. If you begin to feel lethargic or weak do less strenuous exercise such as Yoga or Tai Chi.

After you get a good workout your metabolism stays elevated for up to around 12 hours. The exercise does not need to be very hard. All that is required is some walking or a 30-minute workout.

Cayenne pepper, which is one of the key ingredients in the cleanse drink, also helps to raise your metabolic rate by up to 50% for up to 3 hours.

Green tea is another wonderful drink but did you know how healthy it is for you? If you want to have plenty of energy, the recommended thing to do is to have between 8-10 cups of green tea daily. The main reason why green tea works is because it’s a very powerful and strong antioxidant and it can boost up the metabolism fast.

Have more hot pepper because it can help with the cleansing process and your level of energy stays at a normal and healthy balance.

As stated above, drinking plenty of water is a must with this diet. It is recommended that you should drink at least 1 gallon of water when you’re on it to help flush out your system and get rid of the toxins that are not healthy for you. If you continue to feel tired, talk with your doctor and see if you should take additional supplements while on this diet.

5 Vital Things To Consider Before Using Raspberry Ketones

August 21st, 2013

raspberriesKetones is the main compound (phenolic type) found in fruits belonging to the berry group.  Fruits like raspberry, blackberry and cranberries are rich in this chemical compound, but in raspberries this is found in its best form. This is the compound that gives the fruits that exotic aroma.

Raspberry ketones are used for several purposes, especially for preparing different delicious deserts like ice cream, candy, colas, etc. The special aroma adds more to these dishes and gives them an unbeatable taste. However, raspberry ketones didn’t draw that much attention until anything was said about their weight reducing and fat burning capacity. There is a buzz around that raspberry ketones, if used properly, can reduce a noticeable amount of fat within a considerable time.

Yet there is much to know

However, it won’t be wise to try this natural compound without knowing about it in detail. Only after testing its effect on animals during extended research works, it was concluded raspberry ketones may reduce fat and it may help one to go slim easily in less time.

When tested on animals (especially on mouse), the compound gave satisfying result. In animals like rabbit and mouse it worked faster to reduce fatty tissues, especially from the liver portion, but it is not sure yet that the compound will work in same rate, if tested on humans. As the phenolic compound it speeds up the fat burning process and helps in increasing BMR, thus, it is being presumed that the compound will work effectively on human body as well.

  1. Consultation is necessary

Thus, the best option is to consult a specialist or with fitness professionals to be sure whether it will be effective to use this supplement or not. Only an expert can suggest the perfect doses and uses of the compound to get satisfying result, if they believe that it has that much potential to burn fat.

  1. How to use the compound

It is quite interesting to know that 1kg of the fruit can produce only 0.63 mg of juice, in spite of looking very juicy and pulpy. Out of that 0.63 mg juice, only 0.42 mg of ketones compound can be extracted. Thus, following this calculation it is easy to guess that how much raspberries one should consume daily if he or she wishes to have the compound in natural form. In addition, absorbing natural raspberry to get that compound won’t be a pocket friendly idea.

The easiest option is to take it in form of medicine or food supplement. Raspberry ketones supplements are now being produced in large quantity for those who aim to ahieve faster weight loss and a lean and thin figure. Many fitness experts say that if taken with your daily diet, raspberry ketones will work on human beings as well. However, one should not compromise with exercising and should not depend wholly on the ketones supplements to reduce body fat.

Raspberry ketones syrup is also being produced, which is often used to process food. In fact, it is one of the most expensive food flavor components that are being used extensively in the food industry all over the world.  One kilo of this compound can cost as much as $20,000 and that is why it is often used in form of supplement, syrup, etc. Synthetic compound is comparatively cheaper and this is easily accessible.

  1. The Raspberry Ketone Diet

The other way to consume raspberry ketone in large portion is to follow a raspberry ketone diet. It is thus said because the experts suggest following a nutritional diet, which contains the ketones compound in maximum. Let’s have a quick check on the possible benefits of following this particular diet chart.

  • Increases metabolism
  • Enhances the cardiovascular system
  • Increases the lipolysis rate
  • Increases the functionality of some hormones

The diet is often available in form of tablets with maximum 125 mg of strength. Here it must be said that not even an adult should consume more than 200 mg of the compound. More consumption of the compound is unhealthy because instead of reducing weight it gives birth to other physical disorders.

  1. One Compound Several Benefits

Experts who believe in the magical power of raspberry ketones also describe this as a multipurpose compound. According to them, one who is taking the compound on a daily basis not only burns fat, but also may get permanent relief from obesity. This is because the compound prevents further accumulation of those unhealthy fats. Using raspberry ketones one can also keep his or her growing appetite in control.

  1. Possible Side Effects

The chemicals used in preparing raspberry ketones supplement influence the stimulant synepherine and that is why one may experience palpitation, high blood pressure, jittery etc. However, none of these symptoms sustain for more than one hour and when you get in the habit of taking the compound on regular basis you don’t experience all these again after sometimes.

Signs of Aging and Anti-Aging Therapy

July 28th, 2013

Demi MooreAging can be defined as our body decline and wear as time goes by.  Some of these things are caused by our own bodies whereas the others are accrued as a result of time.  In itself, getting old is a mixture of changes occurring in our bodies as well as the effects of what we do with them.

The effects of time on our body normally occur on many levels.

Cellular Aging

In this case, cells age according to the number of times which they have  duplicated and a cell is capable of replicating about 50 times prior to getting to the point where the genetic material  cannot be duplicated accurately due to the shortening of telomeres. This means that as damage to your cells increases via free radicals and various factors, there is dire need for your cells to replicate.

Hormonal aging

Hormones are undoubtedly a big player in the aging process in growth from childhood, adolescence and maturity.  There is a continuous lifelong change in hormonal levels that lead to menopause plus other changes associated with age.

Metabolic aging

As you go about your daily activities, your cells convert food to energy thereby producing by-products which are potentially destructive.  The metabolism process coupled with the creation of energy tends to cause harm to our body as time goes by.  It is believed by some experts that there may be a slowdown in aging in humans if the metabolic process is also slowed by means of practices like calorie constraint.

Accrued damage

Harmful diets, the sunlight’s UV radiation, toxins and pollution affect our bodies.  Such toxins can cause tissue damage, thus making it difficult for the body to maintain and repair your cells, tissues as well as organs.

There are numerous aging signs and symptoms, most of which develop slowly.  They are varied, but it should be noted that diagnosing aging singularly on the basis of isolated signs and symptoms is impracticable.  There exists broadly varying degrees of such signs and symptoms in different people and among them are:

  • A general decrease in energy and dynamism
  • Variations in sleeping patterns
  • An inclination to easily tire out
  • Reduced memory
  • Variations in behavior
  • Variations in menstrual cycle
  • Changes in hair (such as hair loss) and skin, like loss of skin elasticity, brown blemishes on the skin and creases
  • Variations in hair color
  • Loss or reduced vision and hearing
  • Changes in the functioning of bowels
  • Belly obesity and difficulties in losing weight
  • Urinary complications like trickling, incontinence and variations in the rate of urination
  • A decline in libido
  • Sexual dysfunction

A large number of people tend to develop some of the degenerative ailments that are associated with aging which include the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Hearing loss
  • Osteoporosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease

All these conditions are painful and many patients suffer along with their family.  They are also economically very costly.

Presently, there are several anti-aging therapies on the market, which allegedly, are helpful in combating symptoms that are related with age and eliminate some of the side-effects.  However, one needs to be careful in the choice of any one of them because some can end up being harmful.

The latest anti-aging therapy caused a big stir when it hit the market and was recommended by medical experts as capable of slowing the process of aging.  The HGH, which is short for Human Growth Hormone, is a very significant hormone that exists in the human body, among others, with the pituitary gland which is situated under the brain managing its secretion.  It is significant in the process of growth in children and teenagers and also in the entire regenerative actions occurring in the bodies of grownups.  Without it, the repair of tissues, cells and organs in our body is not possible.

Anti-aging therapy to augment hormone levels

After the age of thirty, your pituitary gland yields reduced human growth hormone.  This is what leads in deficiency in hormone growth and several disorders in the body that includes the beginning of aging.  Thus, the compensation of low HGH levels in the blood can be achieved through the use of HGH releasers.  It may be possible to reinstate the production of the growth hormones needed by the body by using this kind of natural anti-aging therapy.

This growth hormone is credited for allowing the body organs to function normally once more with no health complications, helping the whole body to repair any damages and overwhelm any disease rapidly and in a more efficient manner.  You will be able to enjoy your night sleep and your general mood will receive a boost.  This natural HGH therapy has the ability to enhance memory, decrease wrinkles and age spots, increase muscle mass and help in losing extra weight.

You should beware of artificially made anti-aging treatments containing HGH that may not work for you after all.  The natural anti-aging HGH treatments are effective and safe with negligible or no side-effects.

The benefits of fish oil

March 22nd, 2013

salmon is rich in omega-3Fish oil is simply oil coming from fish flesh as some fish have a large quantity of it in their body. The main elements of these fish oils are omega-3 acids eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These two fatty acids are are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and research has shown that they provide many health benefits. This is why fish oil is one of the leading type of health supplements nowadays.

Fish do not produce omega-3 directly, but accumulate it in their bodies. Either by consuming micro-algae that produce these fatty acids (like herring or sardines) or by eating prey fish that have accumulated omega-3 from these micro-algae (such as shark, swordfish or yellow fin tunafish).

Omega-3 acids strongly influence the behavior of some blood components called platelets, which are essential factors for blood clotting. The problem with the platelets is when they become too active. They congregate such as in a coronary artery and accelerate the process of atherosclerosis, the medical term for hardening of the arteries. Atherosclerosis is the leading cause of death from heart disease. The omega-3 fatty acids makes platelets less sticky so it is harder for them to accumulate in one area and cause a clot.

Coagulation is also influenced by substances called prostaglandins made of fatty acids from food. The functions of prostaglandins are both numerous and essential, such as temperature control and blood pressure regulation. A type of prostaglandin, thromboxane A2, stimulates coagulation (often at the wrong time in the arteries). The omega-3 fatty acids prevent its synthesis and stimulate the production of a rather inert form thromboxane A3, which is more or less inoperant. In this way, the omega-3 fight against fatal heart attacks.

They also reduce the synthesis of other chemicals derived from fats, such as leukotrienes, which have a crucial part in the initial inflammatory stage of an asthma crisis. Many studies show that omega-3 supplements can provide relief to such situations.

Although polyunsaturated oils as a means to prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels, omega-3 is 2 to 5 times more effective in this regard than vegetable polyunsaturated oil. Omega-3s are particularly favorable to lower blood fats such as triglycerides associated with atherosclerosis. Unsaturated oils in turn, are able to decrease immune functions by a detrimental effect on the activity of a certain type of immune cells called T lymphocytes. These cells protect us from viruses and select and destroy cancer cells before they can proliferate. The omega-3 fats on the other hand do not reduce the functions of T cells and since they are more effective in preventing heart disease than polyunsaturated oils, it is infinitely more desirable to include them in our daily diet as a prevention.

Fish oil can also be beneficial to diabetics by increasing the sensitivity of cells to insulin hormones. In type 2 diabetes, cells become insensitive to the effects of insulin due to the lack of cellular receptors. The result is that the cell cannot metabolize sugar properly, which leads to a series of side effects, including heart heart diseases due to a high percentage of fat in the blood. Aside from the fact that they increase insulin sensitivity, omega-3s are also beneficial for people suffering from hypercholesterolemia by increasing the proportion of one part of the protective cholesterol called high-density lipoprotein (HDL). HDL helps remove excess bad cholesterol in the blood that transports it to the liver where it undergoes degradation that turns it into bile where it gets eliminated.

Omega-3 may also change another risk factor for heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), through two different mechanisms: first, by altering the production of prostaglandins, which would relax the arterioles (small arteries) and thus to lower the blood pressure or, on the other hand, its effect with calcium reduces tension.

From their content of omega-3 acids fish can be divided into two categories depending on whether they store such fat in their muscles (herring, mackerel, salmon) or in the internal organs (cod). The second type gives a lower intake of omega-3, although cod oil contains about 20% of it. In other varieties of fish, omega-3 is about 30% of the total oil they contain. Sardines, sablefish, river trout, fresh tuna and canned (especially albacore), herring and anchovies are excellent sources. It was long believed that canned tuna would lose most of its omega-3 content in its packaging. But the opposite has been proven since. A can of 180g of tuna contains as much omega-3 as 3 to 5 capsules of fish oils and albacore has 2 times more omega-3 than white tuna. Nature tuna is better than tuna in oil, as 25% of Omega-3 oil mix with oil and you lose if you remove it.

Fish oil also improves skin health. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are two essential fatty acids provided by fish oil supplements. But the EPA is directly related to the health of the skin. A study published in 2005 in the “Journal of Lipid Research” found that some of the benefits of this type of oils on the skin condition are: regulating the production of oil, increased hydration, less acne, fewer wrinkles, protect skin from damage caused by UVA rays (which cause wrinkles, lines and permanent damage to the skin).

In addition omega-3 improves brain function in babies. Studies have shown that the benefits of fish oil are numerous for babies when pregnant women consume fish oil supplements during pregnancy. These supplements promote brain development and eye health. In addition, women who took a supplement of this type of oil (but high quality) gave birth to babies with higher IQs and less learning disabilities. These babies were also less likely to develop mental retardation or cognitive delays.

No offense to fans of weight loss programs, our body needs fat to live! And if we synthesize some, others must be present in our diet to meet our needs. They are called essential fatty acids, which include omega 3. In case of deficiency, the health risks are numerous. So no question of missing on it!

Seven factors for longevity

February 18th, 2011

An interesting research study came out today.

It is interesting as it studies longevity data starting in 1963! Not often do we have such 47 years of data to analyze, and with a population of 2,000 people of 50 years of age and older, this offers good significance in the results. So the question was what are the most potent factors to determine longevity. This is as close as it gets to the ‘Fountain of Youth’.

The population in question lives in a small European town and they were regularly followed from age fifty with a life and health questionnaire. Many lived to 90 and older, but some did not. Statistical analysis was conducted to determine what the survivors had in common that the people who died earlier were likely not to have. So here are the 7 main factors for living to 90 starting at 50.

  1. Do not smoke
  2. Consume moderate amounts of coffee
  3. At a good socio-economic status at the age of 50 (measured in terms of housing costs)
  4. Engaged in good physical working capacity at the age of 54
  5. Low cholesterol at age 50
  6. Low blood pressure
  7. Good cardiorespiratory function

So what is so interesting?

Everybody knows smoking is bad for you, but it turns out it is the most important factor for living long. More surprisingly the second most important factor is to drink coffee moderately. Coffee has a positive effect but not if you drink too much of it!

Next is your socio-economic status. This general factor likely means that people with more money have the means to get appropriate medical treatment when needed. They are less expected to do dangerous work or to be exposed to various risk factors. They are probably more educated and more aware of what is good for your health. Also white collars smoke less than menial workers. So this factor in itself summarizes other true factor, as it is more of a secondary factor in itself. But it is revealing to see that this is an important factor for longevity.

Physical activity is not a surprise, so make sure to have a regular exercise schedule if you want to live long. Cholesterol as well is bad for you, follow your level every year and take action to lower it if needed. Likewise low blood pressure is good for you. And your overall cardiorespiratory condition matters too, but this factor somehow is a consequence of the other crucial factors, such as smoking (bad for the lungs) and having too much cholesterol (bad for the heart).

This study is not a revelation in itself as we could have guessed some of these factors, but the point here is that this is a statistical study that really pinpoints what matter the most if you want to live longer. And as you can control most of these factors, take action if you need to make sure all 7 factors are on your side.

Anti aging solutions

August 18th, 2010

What are the anti aging solutions available in the market?

It depends on the type of aging problem under consideration, and these fall under a few broad categories as listed below.

Aging skin: this is the leading area where people feel that they are aging and seek anti aging solutions to stop the skin from aging at an accelerated pace. Anti aging creams, lotions amps; moisturizers, wrinkle creams, anti aging masks, anti aging spa treatments, all are solutions for the skin.

Another area of aging more specific to men is hair loss, partial or complete balding. Unfortunately this predicament may affect women too. There are various solutions for that and the most efficient is to do some hair implant. Preventive techniques also exist, in particular with the use of special shampoos and vitamin preparations.

Another consequence of getting older is related to your mental capabilities. Such issues range from mild memory loss to more severe illnesses like Alzheimer disease. One preventive solution is to do both physical and mental exercises on a continuous basis. There exist companies specialized for that. Indeed even physical exercise has been scientifically proven to have a positive anti-aging effect on our mental abilities.

More generally speaking, there is a branch of anti aging solutions dedicated to organic or natural products. Recent research has found that nature itself produces anti aging elements, and many people prefer to use that rather than the merchandise offered by the big pharmaceutical companies.

Some anti aging solutions relate to food and diet. As they say, you are  what you eat. There are food and ingredients with pronounced anti aging effects, such as antioxidants. Smoking has the opposite effect and quitting smoking is a simple way to gain a few years in life expectancy.

As mankind has searched for the Fountain of Youth since Antiquity, anti aging is a large part of health research and solutions to satisfy demand. Novel methodologies are constantly discovered and you should stay attuned to be aware of the best solutions for anti aging issues.